Mobikit is now part of Azuga (a Bridgestone company)! Read more here.

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Mobikit digs into connected vehicle data

Columbus CEO

Dec 30, 2019

Insurance rates based on your real driving habits. Scooters you can snag for a lunch break. Self-driving cars you hail with your phone. What does and will make all of these possible?


Our cars understand our driving habits, and that’s valuable information

Ohio State Insights

Jun 20, 2020

When the coronavirus lockdowns began in March, delivery services and companies that offer products for delivery saw a surge in demand as people stayed home and ordered everything from groceries to masks to medicines.


Ohio's venture capital boom lures startup founders

Axios Cities

Dec 5, 2019

Columbus in particular is experiencing a mini-renaissance as technology is disrupting legacy industries such as manufacturing, insurance, financial services, retail and health care. Being three hours away from auto-focused hubs of Detroit and Pittsburgh make Columbus ideal.