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Mobikit for Insurance

Unlock the power of telematics

Mobikit enables insurers to integrate telematics data into their loss control, claims, underwriting, and data science workflows.

Mobikit enabled us to stand up a commercial auto telematics program with little-to-no technical investment. Their platform makes it easy to generate unified insights about driver risk, regardless of data source. Using Mobikit, we developed a short-term roadmap for generating value across our business, including loss control, claims, and underwriting.

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Key Solutions

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The Mobikit platform comes equipped with a comprehensive set of capabilities, including:

Intelligent Risk Control

Understand fleet risk using real driving data and insights.

Multi-Vendor Telematics Harmonization

Generate a unified view across your fleets, regardless of where the telematics data comes from.

Automated Fleet Assessment

Analyze driving behavior, fleet characteristics, and route risk of prospective policyholders before you quote or renew.


Intelligent Risk Control

Empower loss control with data on driving behavior events; share insights to expedite underwriting and claims. Our platform comes equipped with the following capabilities

  • Out-of-the-box, extendable risk dashboards
  • Business logic-based alerts
  • Crash analytics and scene reconstruction

Multi-Vendor Telematics Harmonization

Mobikit's data harmonization capabilities make it easy to combine telematics data from a variety of different sources. Beneath the surface, we take care of the complex data engineering and data science, allowing you to focus on your product and your customer's needs.

Managing a multi-vendor telematics program involves ensuring quality data across all your vendors. Mobikit automatically detects and flags business-critical data quality issues before they impact your customers and operations.


Automated Fleet Assessment

Go beyond ridealongs and MVRs. Drastically improve fleet qualification and quoting times by getting detailed driving insights about a fleet directly from your browser. We analyze several meaningful factors from telematics data, including:

  • Garaging
  • Mileage
  • Utilization Profile

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