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Mobikit for Automotive

Uncover deep vehicle insights.

Mobikit empowers automakers with a detailed view into vehicle activity, road conditions, and driving performance.

Mobikit helped unlock key insights on our mobility analytics project. We can now develop compelling visualizations to interrogate our data and share the results, in many cases, with little or no code written.

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Global Automotive OEM

Key Solutions

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The Mobikit platform comes equipped with a comprehensive set of capabilities, including:

Vehicle R&D

Expedite research with software built for the connected vehicle industry.

Connected Services

Prototype, deploy, and scale customer-facing applications for your connected vehicles.

Developer Relations

Empower your developers teams to rapidly build and scale the next generation of mobility applications.


Vehicle R&D

Mobikit has a suite of high-performance visual analytics tools to extract deep insights on vehicle performance, driving behavior, and road conditions. It comes equipped with the following capabilities:

  • Map-based analytics with embedded video support
  • High-speed querying and aggregation user interface
  • Cloud-scale spatiotemporal point and trip processing

Connected Services

Our platform is integrated with traffic, routing, transit, and other map-based services, providing you with all the tools to build world class connected vehicle services.

Developer Relations

Mobikit visual data exploration tools and complementary developer libraries allow you to democratize application development across and outside your organization.

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